courage to persue stillness apart from external fetters via the mystic badass Teresa of Ávila | hat tip

In an unhealthy “compulsive mode” I was shuffling through work papers and found this creative therapy I did a month or so ago.

I stopped and allowed myself the opportunity to notice and let go of my current state… And I allowed myself to breathe.

I am filled with gratitude for a cheap fude pen, the backsides of old paper and this gentle note to self. Wishing now that each one of you might create and perhaps later find your own #gentlenotetoself


The present moment is the only Truth;

I have been thinking about this one a little more considering feedback from a reader.

The present moment is the only Truth;

I am striking through “the only” as it is far too limiting.


Current mantra is:

"The present is Truth;"

(via newlifefoundationthailand)